How to position your company as an SEO agency

How to position your company as an seo agency

What we mean by positioning is how your seo agency stands out in the market from the other agencies competing for the same clientele. Positioning assists prospective customers in making sense of your product and determining whether or not it is worthwhile to speak with you further. We’ve seen a few common ways that agencies position themselves in the market throughout our conversations with seo agency clients.

Niche down to a certain sector or service is one of the most effective tactics we’ve seen. This provides your firm an unfair edge over a ‘one-stop-shop,’ particularly for customers who are searching for a comparable service. Niching down evens out the playing field for smaller agencies, allowing them to prosper and develop.

1. Industry specialization

When pitching for client business, focusing on clients in a certain sector helps you stand out from the crowd. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. If you’re an e-commerce company and you meet an seo agency founder who only works with e-commerce customers, it’s difficult to ignore how much they stand out from the crowd even before you speak with them. Even though the majority of the underlying job is identical, specialization is important. Clients deal with agencies who are familiar with their sector and company.

How to position your company as an SEO agency

2. Provide a specialized service

Service providing is another prominent specialized positioning method. On the surface, it seems reasonable to assume that an SEO firm is more knowledgeable about SEO than a full-service SEO agency that provides 10 services, one of which is SEO. While this is an imperfect analogy, it does seem to make sense to the customer. The notion that the SEO agency specializes in a specific service offering, similar to industry niching, might lead to a perceived better level of service.

The irony of this essay extolling the advantages of adding an extra service provision of SEO is not missed on us. Service niching is not for every SEO agency, and it comes with its own set of obstacles, particularly in terms of recruiting (ie: working within a potentially smaller talent pool). Many firm owners we’ve talked to, on the other hand, are lowering service offerings and doubling down on SEO since it’s where customers are most interested.

Niche location

This is a common niching tactic used by Local SEO or Local Marketing firms that cater to customers in a single city. You could almost claim that this is how most businesses begin. Many early customers, generally local, come through personal contacts and local networks. The SEO agency then develops from there.

Business specialized objective

This sort of niching is more typical among firms that specialize on a certain business aim, such as Lead Generation Agencies or Conversion Rate Optimization Agencies. These firms may operate in a variety of sectors and use omni-channel tactics, but their focus is generally on a specific measure, such as lead generation or conversion rate.

How to position your company as an SEO agency

Putting in place procedures for selling SEO services

Your SEO agency ‘s performance will ultimately be determined by your ability to prospect for new leads and convert those prospects. Upselling or increasing work with current customers is an obvious growth strategy, and both should be pursued simultaneously.

It’s important putting time and effort into developing and documenting an SEO services sales process since it’s the key to increasing what you do. Clear procedures make it easier for new employees or other team members to come up to speed fast and repeat the things that perform best.

The value of properly established procedures in an SEO agency cannot be overstated. You’ll waste a lot of time onboarding new staff and training them on how to offer SEO services if you don’t do this. Invest the time now to gain the efficiency benefits later.

Creating inbound leads

Any SEO company that currently provides services to customers understands the value of organic search. Building the performance of a digital SEO agency’s inbound marketing operations is a logical extension. Publishing meaningful, high-quality, keyword-optimized material on the SEO agency’s website and social media channels is still a very successful inbound marketing strategy.

Using high-quality backlinks to drive visitors to your SEO agency’s website can help you increase your domain authority. The greatest place to turn visitors into leads is on your own website.

Outbound marketing

Paid advertising, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and others, is another clear way to drive traffic to your SEO agency ‘s website.

Most marketers consider tactical paid advertising as a valuable way to remarket to website visitors who don’t convert. Retargeting iOS phones has gotten more difficult with iOS 14.5; nonetheless, there is still a lot of possibilities to reach appropriate people.

How to position your company as an SEO agency

Automated marketing

Marketing automation technologies may assist you in nurturing leads and encouraging prospects to convert. Starting small, like with the previous examples, is an excellent approach to demonstrate the usefulness of this before investing in specialized tools. Zapier automates workflows to let you link several activities.

For example, if you have an Audit Form integrated on your SEO agency website, you can immediately transfer lead information into a CRM like HubSpot, your email newsletter list, or a simple Google Sheet – or anyplace else!

How to Market SEO Services to Local Companies

In-person sales are nearly usually used by most organizations who sell to local companies in their city. When it comes to marketing local companies, the old cliché “people purchase from people” holds true. Our suggestions for prospecting and selling to local companies are as follows:

  • Participate in local events, seminars, and meetings.
  • Find local company websites that plainly require SEO improvement (i.e. score badly for target phrases) 
  • Find complementary companies or organizations with whom you may collaborate 
  • Create high-quality content to attract local prospects 
  • Offer free website audits to prospects

Local companies, particularly tiny enterprises, are constantly laser-focused on generating income or leads (depending on their business). This implies that they must understand the perceived worth of your services via the prism of commercial value. They will be more willing to collaborate with you if they can see (or if you can show) how your SEO services will raise their income or lead generation.

Local companies are often price-conscious, so make sure your plan includes inexpensive, smaller solutions that may grow with you over time. It’s also interesting doing some mystery shopping at rivals to see how they arrange their prices and alternatives.