The best outfits to wear as a topless waitress

The best outfits to wear as a topless waitress

As any woman is well aware, a swipe of lipstick or a flick of mascara may instantly improve one’s confidence as a topless waitress. However, research indicates that carefully applied makeup can also increase a woman’s earning capacity as a topless waitress.

It demonstrates that a topless waitress who applies makeup is more likely to earn a tip. Indeed, female wait workers who wear makeup earn 25% more in tips than their bare-faced colleagues.

However, the study discovered that applying makeup worked best on male consumers. Women usually tip less and in lesser amounts, and their behavior is unaffected by the amount of makeup worn by a server.

The researchers observed 186 men and 98 women dining alone in the same restaurant, which was served by two waiters aged 19 and 20.

A third of male clients paid a female waitress if she was not wearing makeup – but this increased to 51% when the waiters were wearing cosmetics done by a beautician.

If a girl applied makeup, the average tip amount increased from 96p to £1.20.

The waitress’s makeup, on the other hand, had no influence on the number of female clients who departed. Only slightly more ladies left some loose coins for make-up waitresses. Click here to read about Spa tips for Gold Coast strippers.

According to the researchers, the findings have ramifications for all female employees.

Men paid the made-up waiters more because they were more sexually attractive – and also because the cosmetics made them appear more childlike and dependent, according to psychologist Ingrid Collins of the London Medical Centre.

‘The purpose of makeup is to accentuate the features by making the eyes larger and the mouth fuller, similar to the proportions of a baby’s face,’ she explained. Women appear more fragile, yet expansion of the lips also indicates sexual availability and desire.

‘It makes males feel the need to appear macho, and tipping, which satisfies this desire, does a very good job of it.’

French academics at the University De Bretagne Sud and the University De Maine conducted the study, which was published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management.

According to previous studies, more beautiful waitresses make more money. Other studies have discovered that women who use makeup are perceived to be more clean, tidier, feminine, and fascinating, as well as more confident, organized, and popular.

‘If you look well, you feel good, and that has an effect on your behavior,’ said Pippa Rees, spokesperson for the Federation of Image Consultants.

Lucie Couturier, 20, a waitress at Le Pain Quotidien in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood, has never worn makeup to solicit tips. ‘However, if it assists, I will keep it in mind,’ she stated.

‘I don’t use makeup on a daily basis. I’m not a huge fan. I’ve just applied mascara and eye makeup. People aspire to be nice and cheerful, just like you. I believe they are appreciative.’

Marianna Salmistraro, 27, a colleague, frequently wears makeup at work but stated, ‘I don’t believe that wearing it alters how many tips you receive at a setting like this.’

Many a topless waitress worldwide rely heavily on voluntary contributions from their clients (dubbed “tips”) to supplement their income.

Increased awareness of the elements influencing customer tipping would enable these service employees to receive higher wages. Along with benefiting service workers, such knowledge would benefit their managers, as managers who use it to train and otherwise assist their servers in earning larger tips should be rewarded with happier and more productive employees, which should increase customer satisfaction and reduce absenteeism and turnover costs.

Given its practical utility, researchers from a range of academic fields have examined tipping and discovered a number of particular server actions that enhance tips, including touching clients, kneeling close to the table, and handing out sweets to customers. 

Shirt and colour tipping 

Gueguen and Jacob (2013) recently added to this body of knowledge by studying the influence of the topless waitress’ dress color on tipping in French restaurants. They discovered that male (but not female) clients were more inclined to tip and left higher tips when servers wore red shirts rather than another color shirt.

Gueguen and Jacob (2013) ascribed their garment color impact on tipping to an increase in the physical and sexual attractiveness of servers to males. While they did not test this hypothesis, it is consistent with theory and research indicating that the color red is linked with love, want, and passion and that seeing it primes these notions and sentiments, making people of the opposite sex look more beautiful and sexually desirable. 

For example, Elliot and Niesta (2008) discovered that males (but not women) in the United States evaluated women as more beautiful and seductive when photographed against a red background rather than a white, green, grey, or blue one.

Additionally, Elliot discovered that when males were photographed against a red backdrop or wearing red shirts, women in various nations viewed them as more beautiful and sexually desired than when they were photographed against a non-red background or wearing non-red shirts.

Gueguen and Jacob (2013) believe that the mechanisms behind their red shirt impact on tipping may also cause female clients to pay wait staff higher when they wear red. The study described below was conducted to examine this possibility, as well as to theoretically reproduce Gueguen and Jacob’s original finding and to examine the function of perceived beauty as a mediator of shirt color effects on tipping.

A two-by-three between-subjects experiment displayed photographs of a waiter or waitress wearing a red, white, or black shirt and asked research participants to indicate how much they would tip the server on a $15.69 bill. This artificial bill amount was provided rather than requesting a percentage tip on an undetermined bill in order to make the situation as realistic as possible and to accommodate both participants who tip flat dollar amounts and those who tip as a percentage of the bill. After choosing the tip size, participants were asked to assess the server’s attractiveness and submit demographic information about themselves.

Final thoughts

Regardless of how your club needs topless waitresses to dress, proper personal hygiene is always required. Shower or bathe before to each shift, and always arrive at work in clean clothes. Establishments that need uniforms frequently provide each employee with multiple uniforms, which might assist you in keeping your uniform clean without having to do washing between shifts. Servers’ nails should be kept short and tidy, while servers with long hair should have it tied back to avoid it falling into meals.